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Did you have this talk with your Mother? Make sure you have it with you Teen!

Getting into the perfect fit is important for any woman. However, when it comes to a developing preteen or teen, the proper fit can change everything about how she views her body and could even impact how she values herself.

*Its estimated that more than 90 percent of girls aged 15 to 17 years, want to change at least one aspect of their physical appearance. We want to help young women embrace their shape and help them see their natural beauty.

All women know the frustration of an ill-fitting bra. The constant adjustments and pulling on your straps and band can be maddening when you are trying to accomplish your daily tasks. It is no different for teens. Teenage girls are in the awkward stage of growth spurts, pimples, and... boys. The last thing your daughter should be feeling self-conscious about is the fit of her bra, or how it affects her appearance.

Do you remember when you started wearing your first bra? Were you 10 years or younger? 10-12? Or older than 13? Most girls begin to blossom around 10, some earlier, some later. Regardless of age, puberty can be an overwhelming and emotional phase for a girl. Girls who develop early might want a bra to offer shape, support, or for modesty. Girls who don't need a bra might want one because their peers are wearing them. Whatever the circumstance, going to a professional for the proper fit is a must. Conventional stores do not carry the size combinations your tween/teen may require; many girls have smaller ribcages than the typical 32 band size you will find. However, a boutique will offer as small as a 28 band, and cups as small as a AA, which will lessen the chance of gaping and moving around. She needs a bra that fits to her shape, and most brands catering to grown women will not suffice.

It is important for young women, especially those who are experiencing changes or are well endowed, to be wearing a proper fitting bra early on. It is natural for a teenage bust to change shapes and grow quickly at times, and a good bra will help to give a round, natural look while protecting and supporting the developing breast tissue. Your daughter will be confident and comfortable wearing her favourite fashions and her bust will mature with proper support.

Even more important when it comes to sports
Has your daughter wanted to quit her favourite activity because of discomfort? All teenage girls should be equipped with a great sports bra to eliminate painful and embarrassing bouncing and jiggling. A quality sports bra will help to encourage a healthy lifestyle as your daughter grows by enabling her to focus and excel in the sport she enjoys without pain or embarrassment.

Encouraging self love when it matters most
We all know how damaging social trends can be to the impressionable minds of youth. When you bring your teen into The Bra Lounge for a fitting, she will learn the importance of self love and care. She will see how healthy it is to care for her body, regardless of its size or shape. She will hear women speaking with integrity and respect about our bodies, and we hope this will instill seeds of positive self talk and encourage a healthy body image.
New brands
The Bra Lounge has expanded its lines to include many teen friendly styles and colours. Some of our favourites include b.Tempted by Wacoal, Royce, Freya, Panache - all offering age appropriate, sensible, and affordable options. We are constantly re-evaluating and trying to accommodate the women in our community with the products they really want, so if you don't find something when you are in, talk to your fitter about possible new products coming in that may work for you, and your daughter. With a closer fit, she will have a positive, empowering first bra experience, encouraging self love and care, which will also make Mom's experience a good one too!
So, what will you pay?
We are always watching for great teen styles at affordable prices. Names like Wacoal, BTempt'd and Montelle offer styles between $39.99-$65.99. And, fittings are free. So please, bring your little lady in and take a look at what we can offer. We never want a customer to feel obligated to a purchase after spending time in our fitting rooms. We prefer to focus on educating and empowering, knowing that once you’ve seen The Bra Lounge difference, you’ll probably be back!

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