Period Products are here!

One of the hottest new products on the market are available at The Bra Lounge!
How would it feel if you never had to worry about pads or tampons again? Never had to run to the drug store to restock or never had to worry about all that waste again?

Experience the freedom of period underwear! Breathable and buttery soft, period panties are a safe and sustainable option to managing your monthly routine. Enjoy the difference you'll feel wearing leakproof underwear that absorbs periods and everyday bladder leaks! No chemicals, no embarrassing odors, just easy to use, crazy comfortable underwear you love to wear! 

New Brands! Recently Proof Period Underwear stopped shipping to Canada, so we were in a mad rush to find some alternative options! Introducing Saalt & Smoon!

Meticulously designed period underwear with unique layers of absorbent protection to keep you covered. The soft lining pulls in moisture, while absorbent layers keep you feeling dry. Patented Leak-Loc® technology locks in leaks, so you can live life without worrying about leaks. Proof panties are able to absorb 2-6 tampons of liquid (4-12 teaspoons) and are comfortable for all day wear.

Sizes xsmall (sizes 0-2 - great for tweens & teens!) - 3xlarge (sizes 24-26) We try to keep a selection of briefs, shorties and thongs in store for all absorbency levels. Ask about your options today!


🩸heavy or light period days
🩸odor reduction
🩸light bladder leaks
🩸comfortable all day or night time wear

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