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Our team of bra fitter’s all want the same thing; for you to LOVE your Bra Lounge experience, and your investment of quality undergarments, sleepwear, and swimwear! We make it our priority to find functional styles for your needs, whether you want everyday basics or a sexy set, whether you want the best we can offer or something to fit your budget.
  • We take new customers into the fitting area once they have completed a short intake form. This provides us with your contact information so that we may start a profile and keep track of past purchases and preferences. We keep track of all that so you don’t have to. This also allows you to make a Wish List - a list of your favourites so that others can shop for you and know exactly what you’ve tried on, and love, or as a starting place for the next time you visit us.
  • Your fitter will then take a couple quick measurements, one around your ribcage, and one over the fullest part of your bust. If you’re feeling shy, wear a snug fitting tank top and we can measure over that, instead of asking you to slip down to your bra. Please remember, allowing us to get an accurate measurement off the top helps us to find you the best options sooner. Your fitter will ask you questions about what you’re looking for, such as preferences on colours, styles and fabrics. This helps us pull items that make sense in your life and your wardrobe. Some women love lacy soft cups, others prefer structured moulded cups. Some women want underwire, others do not. Some women wear a lot of colour, other’s prefer to stick with beige or blacks. Come in open minded and willing to try new things - you might be surprised by what you walk out with!
  • From here, your fitter will bring various styles and sizes for you to try on. This is when you can really start seeing the differences in shapes and fabrics on your body. Your fitter will help you work through which make sense, which don’t, and why! Our focus is YOU!

Your first fitting will often be the most time consuming one. Give us 30 minutes or so - this allows us to really work through styles with you, and keeps you from making a rushed decision. Subsequent fittings are easier once you have found a style or brand you know compliments your shape best!

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Spring & Summer are our busiest months!
Although appointments are not required, having a fitting room reserved ahead of time can help you avoid a wait.


"Just go! You won’t regret it. I’ll NEVER shop for a bra in a department store again. This is the first time I’ve been professionally fitted. Every bra Sheena had me try, actually fit. I then chose my favourites....came home with 3 new bras and new underwear. I’m already thinking about my next purchase!❤️" —Charla