We're Celebrating 17 Years!


Thursday February 1st - Saturday February 3rd
Join us for in store specials, free gift with purchase & as always, lots of laughs!

Wanna hear about the journey? We love sharing this story 💜

It was 17 years ago when Cortney secured her first space in the lower level of a downtown Red Deer building. Sheena quit her job in an accounting firm to be available to help. We were open Tuesday-Saturday and on Sunday's and Monday's we travelled around Central Alberta and offered bra fittings in Curves gyms and hotel rooms. Who was going to trust these 2 kids who were slinging bras out of the back of Cortney's truck?!!

Ha, but they did trust us. In fact, we quickly realized most women knew they didn’t have enough options or a good understanding of proper fitting bras, and many women were willing to try anything to find something they loved to wear. We weren’t sure how slinging bras out of hotel banquet rooms would work out, but with a little advertising the ladies flocked in. It felt amazing to help and answer their questions, but we didn’t know if we would need to keep travelling around, or if we could one day just go into a boutique we loved and have them come to us.

Within the year, our little boutique got busier and busier. We renovated 3 times to make that space work, but very soon we had the opportunity to move above ground to the River Valley Place building! We no longer felt we needed to travel around; our new space was much more convenient and we had free parking out front. Would they come to us??

17 years has been a blur. We’re not exactly sure where all those years went. But here we are almost 2 decades later, with thousands of clients across Alberta and SO many awards for our customer service. We’ve got this little Bra Lounge Breastie crew that we love so much, and we’ve had the opportunity to get to know so many phenomenal people along the way.

It's also been 7 years now since we won Small Business of the Year… perhaps that’s in our future again!?

We’d love to see you the first of February to help us celebrate the journey! Swing by and share your Bra Lounge memories with us! And thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for the love and support over the past 17 years.

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