Back to school season is upon us and with that the pressure on teachers to clear their supply list before kids are back in the classrooms. Can you help??
We thought giving teachers and their supply lists a spotlight would be a great way to help, but we quickly found ourselves overwhelmed. Teachers from all over North America have jumped into the conversation and shared their Amazon wish lists, lists they have been slowly picking away at likely all summer, or perhaps all year. We gave 5 teachers $50 towards their lists but that is just not enough!
It's appalling to our team that teachers are digging into their own pockets to provide our kids with quality supplies and decorations that help to keep kids engaged and excited to go to school everyday. We want to try to help as many teachers as we can to CLEAR THE LIST!
Instead of directing everyone to our original Facebook post where many of the lists are being shared, we decided to list them all here. These lists should be public so you can browse them and purchase the things on it on the teachers behalf. The items will be sent to the teachers, you're just paying the bill! Pick as few or as many items as you are comfortable with. Every little bit helps!
As we get more lists shared, we'll continue to add them. We have put teachers under the country they live in to help you find someone you're looking for and to also help identify which will be on the .com site and which will be on the .ca site. Just copy and paste the link into your browser and you should be taken directly to that teachers list!
Thank you, sincerely, for your help!
Canadian Teachers
American Teachers
Mrs Mitchell - https://amzn.to/3AC33qT

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