Changes to our Points Program

If you read our last blog post, you'll know 2022 hurt our feelings... a lot. She started off pretty great, but then slowed down to give us one of the slowest fall seasons in our history. 

That's ok... we're grateful to be well established and prepared to rebound just fine! Hard things help you grow, and we're looking forward to a terrific year ahead now that we have implemented some important changes to our business.

Many people didn't even know we had a loyalty points program, but were surprised with a little discount when they made a purchase and we asked if they wanted to use some of their points. Unfortunately, with the pandemic reeking havoc on businesses of all sizes, we had to close down our points program to ensure we did not discount more than we could afford to. Discount programs such as this can destroy a small business very quickly if it is not managed properly. We decided that us staying in business was likely more important to our loyal customers than saving $10 every now and again... 

So with the start of a new year, we are here to let you know that program was dissolved with the intention of starting something new for those customers who continue to come to us for all their undergarment needs. A new VIB (Very Important Boobs) program is being worked out and will automatically be applied to the accounts of those clients who visit us the most often. We appreciate SO much that so many of you continue to support our business the way you have for so many years! We want to make sure we're intentionally creating a loyalty program that will feel great for you AND us!

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