The Truth about the Basic's

This time of the year, women are looking for basic t-shirt friendly bras that will give great shape under tighter fitting summer shirts and tank tops, while being neutral colours that disappear under light colours. Every few days a client comes in specifically requesting a beige moulded cup bra for summer, and often, that IS exactly what she needs. However, occasionally the conversation looks a little more like this:

            Fitter: "What are you looking for today?"
            Customer: "I think I need a new beige t-shirt bra."
            Fitter: "Something to go under white tops? Something that is smooth under t-shirts?"
            Customer: "Yes... but I will need a dark one too because most of my shirts are dark colours. I pretty much only wear dark colours I guess."
            Fitter: "Ok, how often then do you wear white?"
            Customer: "... never!?"
            Fitter: "Do you feel like you really need a beige bra then? And what do you wear to work?"
            Customer: "Yes I guess you're right, I've just always had a beige bra! But now that I think of it, I often wish I had two dark bras, especially on laundry day. To work, I wear a lot of patterns, dark colours, button up blouses, nothing too tight fitting."
            Fitter: "Have you ever tried a soft cup? You can get really cute colours and prints in soft cup bras!"
            Customer: "No, I always thought for my cup size, moulded cups would give me more support?"
            Fitter: "Oh no, you can get all the support you need in a soft cup too. The seams and lace are there to pull your breast tissue forward and offer natural shape, and you might love how light and breathable they are."
            Customer: "Ok sure, show me a couple of those, and a couple dark coloured moulded cups too!"
           Our fitter returns with styles to try, and the Customer loves how lightweight the soft cups are and how great the colours are! She tries on her blouse with it and realizes you cant see the seams at all, and she still has great shape. She leaves with a navy blue moulded cup bra, and a lacy soft cup, teal with black piping, and a matching panty! She ends up having the two of them for close to 2 years, because she is able to alternate between them and make them last far longer!
The truth about basics is, we all have different colour tones in our skin, so beige or nude coloured bras are not actually basics for everyone. Women with paler skin tones need a different colour to go under white than women with darker skin. And women who don't wear light colours don't even need to worry about it!

Women with lighter skin tones are able to wear reds, pinks, and even yellows and have them be invisible under light coloured tops. Women with darker skin tones can wear any dark colour they like, but should stay away from light colours. Your basic bra that needs to be invisible under lighter tops should be close to the shade of your skin, and could be one of many different colours. Even the colours of a nude or beige bra can vary from a light tan to a darker chocolate!

When it comes to the material of the bra, there is a misconception that moulded cups are the best for support and shape. Moulded cups are more mainstream and better known. Like the customer above, you might be surprised to find that a soft lacy cup actually fits perfectly into your wardrobe! If you wear heavier fabrics, if you layer, or if you wear patters, you can easily wear a soft cup as an everyday basic, and enjoy the prints and colours that come in great bra and panty sets! If you more often wear tighter fitting tops, and light colours, you may always prefer the look of a moulded cup bra in a colour that matches your skin tone.

So the truth about basics is that any colour could be considered a basic! Next time you're in getting a fitting, we challenge you to step outside your norm, and try a few new options! You're whole bra collection could take a new turn!

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