Strapless Season is Coming... are you ready?

It's that time of year again - we've got some advice for all the brides and grads out there, or anyone in need of specialty garments for an event coming up this year!! 

💥STRAPLESS BRAS are not just a "run in quick and pick it up" kinda item, whether you’ve been fitted before or not💥

Do not - I REPEAT - DO NOT leave your undergarments to the last minute!!!!

Every single year we see so many ladies the week before their big day, with a fabulous dress they adore, and sadly, we have to tell them that the size or preferred style isn't in stock. Plan your undergarments the same way you've planned your dress - MONTHS AHEAD! Come in and get fitted and let us share your options with you. And if we need to special order something, we might need up to 8 weeks to get it in. We are a small business and our stock comes from all over the world. We simply can not stock every size and colour and style all year round.

Our advice:
1) get a terrific bra that is comfortable to wear BEFORE you fall in love with a dress
2) if you have the dress already, bring it with you to see us
3) if you need a strapless bra, remember, it HAS to be snug. Giving yourself lots of time will help you find exactly the right style and comfort level instead of having to settle on something you hate to wear
4) Booby Tape is a terrific option, but going braless isn't for everyone. Make sure you give yourself lots of time to experiment with the product before the big day

If you think shopping for a regular bra is challenging, please remember that specialty items like convertible, strapless or backless bras are far harder to fit. Give yourself a lot of time, try as many things on as you can, and be flexible. You may not check every box of expectation off in one style, so work with us and we’ll do our best to find you the best undergarments to help you look incredible on your special day.

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