Lessons from 10 Years of Wedding Seasons...

It's that time again! Bridal Season!

We've been helping Bridal parties pull their looks together for 10 years. We'd love to share with you some BIG lessons we've learned along the way to help you plan ahead and have a perfect day. 

We know you have a perfect dress style in mind and you'll do just about anything to make it happen - and we want to help! Our advice: Get Fitted First!!! Find out what your true bra size is and how a great fitting bra should feel before starting your hunt for the dress! If you've been wearing the typical band-too-big-cups-too-small styles from conventional stores, you'll struggle to find a bra that works anyways. Learn more about your style options and you'll have the foundation in place for the perfect dress!!

You may think you could never wear a halter dress due to your size, only to find out a great fitting strapless bra is absolutely in reach, at a great price! BONUS: a strapless bra is not a one time use garment - you'll love the opportunity to get new styles of tops with a flattering, secure style underneath. 

What we are trying to avoid for you is something we've seen happen season after season - a bride who falls in love with a strapless or backless dress without first considering what she'll wear underneath. Depending on your bust size, a super tight fitting strapless might not be your idea of a good time. Or you may find out you're bust size is too large for a backless adhesive bra. On this very important day, you want to look great but feel even better. Comfort matters.

Bottom line - get fitted before and avoid possible disappointment later!

The day IS all about you, Brides. No question. However, please carefully consider your girls when choosing the looks you want them in. What I love about the picture below is that each bridesmaid is in a dress that flatters HER body. Each member of the group will be a different shape, so to ask them all to wear the same style of dress is unfair. Far too often we've had busty bridesmaids in tears in the fitting room because they cant find a strapless/skinny shoulder/plunging bra to go with a dress, and they are afraid of what their Bride is going to say about it. What they are often feeling in that moment is shame about their bodies, and different from the other girls. Over a dress. 

Please keep in mind, these women are often paying for their dress, paying for their undergarments, and doing their best to support you on your big day! Repay the love by being flexible and accommodating - we promise you, her confidence and pride will be reflected in your pictures and memories!

**If you're a bride who wants you're whole party to come in and #getfitted - email us to make arrangements and we'll make it worth your while! Email Fittings@TheBraLounge.ca with a couple dates and we'll do our best to accommodate!**



There is a misconception that what you wear under your dress is the same sexy little number you plan to reveal later to your new groom. Just think about this.... its a hot summer day, and you're sticky and sweaty in all the worst places!! Already... you get it....

Invest in functional undergarments to keep you comfortable while flattering your body under your dress. Then, have a blast picking out lingerie as class or sassy as you want to be on your first night as husband and wife! Our fitters know how to offer items that will make you feel as incredible as you look, and they do it with discretion to help you feel the way he see's you - beautiful inside and out. 

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  • Hello-I am a bridesmaid in a wedding in April. My dress has arrived and I’m looking for a halter style bra. Wondering if this is something uuu might have?

    Jamie Petersen

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