How to Care for the Longest Wear

When it comes to keeping your underthings looking like new, we have a lot of advice. Heeding that advice can help you get years more life out of your bra, not to mention everyday comfort and security, helping you live your best life!



1) Keep your delicates away from heat! No dryer, & if you do use the dryer, chose the lowest heat setting. Heat damages & breaks down the fabrics & elastics.

2) Wash your bra after every few wears, or when you've been perspiring heavily in it. Our natural body oils, lotions, and deodorants can break down the fabrics or stain them quickly. We recommend using a sponge or nylon fabrics to scrub bras clean when they need it. We love Canadian Made Eucalan Delicates Wash - good for hand or machine wash, and terrific on all fabrics from wools and silks, to leather and fur, to makeup brushes and linens! A small bottle is $5.95 and is the perfect size for your carry on luggage, and the larger size is $15.95 and will last forever! (ok… probably not forever…)

3) You need more than one bra! Wearing one bra 4 or more days a week will lessen its life considerably. Investing in 2 bras right off the hop, or getting one shortly after the other, will help both bras last longer. Many women will get 1 light and 1 dark to accommodate all the colours and fabrics in their wardrobe.


Invest in the bra(s) you’re wearing most. Those are the ones you’re putting the most pressure on, and the ones you rely the most on. Spend a little more and get A LOT more! Another option that is worth investing in is a good sports bra if you’re committed to a work out plan. A good sports bra can help you achieve your fitness goals in comfort and security.


Your bras will always soften and stretch out over time. When you notice it starting to ride up your back, or your shoulder straps start slipping, take a minute to tighten up the band and the straps to see if that will help. Once the bra has stretched too much, you may begin feeling rubbing or pinching, and the underwires could snap with too much movement.

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