COVID Crisis? Or Chance to Change?

There is no doubt that COVID is a worldwide crisis.  But with all the challenge it has brought, we know it has also opened up enormous opportunity. To reconnect. To recharge. And to realign with the things that truly matter. As kids facing a family tragedy with the sudden loss of our Mom in a car accident, we learned very quickly that life can turn on a dime and never be the same again.

Perhaps it was this lesson that prepared us to reimagine our business when the world shut down in March. Don't get me wrong; there were some very stressful days crying into our pillows, praying COVID wouldn't take down the business we've been building for 13 years. But once we realized how much our community was relying on us to continue to provide the service and quality products they needed, we gathered ourselves up and started taking baby steps forward, one online order and curbside pick up at a time.

Here we are, 5 months later, and we're thriving in ways we didn't expect to be. Big box stores are closing every day, forcing mall shoppers to try boutique shopping for their undergarments. We're back to seeing 50% new customers daily. We're bringing in new brands and styles in, having conversations with young and old alike on quality vs quantity, and educating on the difference a proper fit can make in our daily comfort. 

It. Is. MAGIC!

July and August are historically our busiest months of the year. Although due to new capacity limits we haven't had the traffic we would usually see, we are busy. We are still here. YOU got us through a terribly rough patch, and we are so overwhelmingly grateful. Thanks to everyone respecting the new procedures, sharing us with their friends and family, and staying positive and helpful and compassionate to the fact that we are all just working our way through this the best we can.

If you’re wondering what we’re doing to keep you safe, here’s a quick summary:
- fitting rooms are rotated and disinfected after every use
- stock that has been tried on is isolated for 3 days before returning to the stock room
- sanitizer is located around the store for your convenience
- fitters are wearing masks in the fitting rooms and anywhere we cannot social distance
- fitters are washing hands regularly through the day

If you have any questions or concerns, we are happy to answer your questions.
Call 403-347-3774 or email us at

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