Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2023

Has your life been touched by cancer? The Bra Lounge Girls know the impact of such a diagnosis. Whether you are new to the journey or years into it, we can help you find the best possible garments for you.

Post surgical garments are the items your care team or doctor recommend you have before surgery. A recovery garment is put on right in the surgical room, so knowing your options and having the best product for you beforehand can change everything about your comfort immediately after. We invite you to book a consultation with Cortney before surgery by emailing her at

Prosthetics or breast forms are the products you can purchase when you've had mastectomy or lumpectomy procedure's. Some women opt out of reconstruction immediately after, so they can wear forms when and if they chose to, or go without. We see more and more women putting off reconstruction until they have had more time to think and weigh their options, which we think is a very smart thing to do. We offer everyday breast forms in numerous sizes and shapes, as well as lighter forms for swimming.

Breast forms can also help balance out shape when a client naturally has one breast smaller than the other. It is very common for us to have breasts that are not perfectly symmetrical, however some people have noticeably different sizes and want to even them out, or if they do not "fill out" a bra the way they want to. Some breasts are very full everywhere, while others are shallow on the bottom, top or even in the sides. A small lightweight insert can balance the shape out easily.

Pocketed bras are usually non-wire bras that have an inside sling and pocket to securely hold a breast form in place. When fitting a client for a pocketed bra to hold a form, it's important to get a good snug fit in the band around the ribcage. Breast forms are heavy, and especially if just one form is being worn, a snug band helps anchor the bra and keep the form balanced with the natural breast. Remember, the fabrics will always soft and stretch out, so it wont be that tight for long. We offer as many options in bras as we can, depending on fabric, sizes and breast forms our clients need to have lots of options to find the ideal style for them.

Something we cannot predict before surgery (removal or reconstruction) is how you will scar and heal. Some people experience more swelling and discomfort than others, some people heal faster and are ready for the next garment sooner. The earlier you start looking for garments, the more information you will have on what will be best for you.

Why a Bra Boutique instead of a Drug Store? Bra fitters have thousands of hours of bra fitting experience - WE KNOW BOOBS! We know fit, we know fabrics, we know the brands, we know the emotions you are going through, and the stress of making the best possible decision. We are not affiliated with health care professionals or products, YOU are our client and your needs are our only priority.  

Trust your post surgical garments to an experienced bra fitter who takes great pride and responsibility to find her clients the best possible products for their unique situation. We offer an empowering, luxurious atmosphere full of love and compassion, knowledge, and professionalism, much of which you wont find in a clinical setting. 

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