Bra Fittings & Tethered Emotions

We see so many women in our store, women with successes and struggles, women in pain and women in love. From one minute to the next, we encounter the emotional highs and lows of their energy, and it is up to us as bra fitters to serve them with respect and honour regardless of what they are experiencing at the time. 

We are going to go deep in the coming weeks and talk about some very real, some very difficult emotions that come out in our fitting rooms. Some women come in feeling excited and ready to try everything on, while others are more reserved, afraid of what is to come. We want to share these experiences because we know there are women out there who are struggling with the same very limiting emotions and beliefs, and who might be unable to break through them to embrace change and step forward in their lives. 

A bra fitting is so much more than just shopping. It can be a very intimate, personal experience, shared with someone who might be a complete stranger. A lot of faith and trust must be put into the relationship developed between customer and bra fitter, and if the bra fitter isn't professional or sensitive to her guests struggles, a fitting can go bad in a hurry and leave open emotional wounds that can be hard to heal. 

Life experiences we have encountered with guests in our fittings include recent divorce or death of a partner, family member or friend, emotional or physical abuse from a parent, spouse, teacher, etc, sexual abuse, and so much more. These are very heavy trauma's that are hard for a woman to suppress while standing topless in front of a mirror with a stranger. It is our job to gently coax our guest through it, knowing that every bra tried on could make or break the experience for her. In these situations we need it get it right very fast, and move our guest from apprehension and negative self talk to embracing the experience, feeling positive, powerful, and beautiful in her skin.

Recently we had a visit from a very special person. Alana Peters is a personal and professional coach, and is a licensed facilitator for The Daring Way™, a highly interactive workshop based on the research of Dr Brenѐ Brown, teaching men, women, and adolescents how to show up and live braver lives. The focus is on developing resilience skills and courage to transform the way we live, parent, and lead. It can be facilitated in clinical, educational, and professional settings, and is suitable for individuals, couples, families, work teams, and organizational leaders. 

Alana has had her share of life experiences and struggles, and she agreed to share her thoughts and feelings to help us reach more women who might need our help, but are struggling with what might come with it. 

Thank you Alana, for sharing your story and possibly helping us reach women who need us. We are grateful for your perspective and knowledge.

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