How do I know if my bra is fitting correctly?

The frame and sides should lie smoothly without cutting into the flesh. The cups should also fit smoothly without wrinkling. If that happens, try a smaller cup size. If the cups are cutting into the breast tissue, opt for a larger cup size. The breasts should fill the cups without overflowing.

How do I put my bra on?

First, slip straps over the shoulders. Then lean forward to fill the cups fully. Fasten the hook on the first clasp then stand up and adjust the straps.

Why is there a relationship with a proper-fitting bra and overall health?

A poor-fitting bra results in bad posture and can cause back problems and shoulder and neck pain. A poorly fitted under wire bra, for instance, can harm the breast tissue itself.

Why are so many women wearing a bra that doesn’t fit them?

In many cases, its the education of what a good fitting bra looks like. The average women tends to never have been properly shown how a bra should fit them. Also depending on where their first bra fitting was done at, they may not have been given the proper information. In other cases, research has shown that women will opt for “looking good” over the comfort that a proper fitting bra provides.

How often should I be fitted for a bra?

There’s no perfect number of times you should be fitted for a bra. But are breast change as we get older and go through different life experiences, such as pregnancy, weight gain, weight lose, etc. So ensuring that you are paying attention to how your bra feels when its on, if you feel any abnormal discomfort or notice your breast spilling out or not filling the cups any more - its time for a new fitting.

I have larger-sized breasts. What kind of bra is best for me?

With larger breast, it becomes even more important to have a good fitting bra. You want your bra to be snug in the band as that is where you will receive the most support for your back and shoulders.

I have very small breasts and usually don’t wear a bra. Is that a good idea?

There is no harm in not wearing a bra - if you choose not to then that is completely your choice. Bras are there to help support and ease any discomfort on your shoulders or back but in no way do you have to wear one.

What range of cup size does The BRA LOUNGE carry?

28AA - 48M!

How do I care for my bra?

Washing a bra by hand is always going to prolong the life of your bra - we recommend using Eucalan, this delicate wash is an easy and quick solution to taking care of your bras. Fill a sink with warm water, add a cap full of eucalan, allow your bras to soak for about 15 minutes and then lay flat to dry. No need to rinse. Another tip is to never put your bras in the dryer - that can heat up the wire in your bras and cause it to warp. If you want to wash your bras in the washing machine, just make sure you use a mild detergent, a laundry bag and do up the clasps so your bras so they do not catch on anything.