How to Measure to get your Bra Size

Measure to get your Bra Size

It's a funny thing. We've been wearing them since the tween training bra days. They are a vital part of most women's daily lives. Yet, most women don't know a lot about bra brands, bra sizes, or exactly how a good fitting bra should look and feel. 

Most women don't know, and that's not their fault. With such a vast industry of lingerie manufacturing in all over the world, the few options you've tried or been exposed to are a drop in the bucket compared to what's actually available. Department and mall chains offer small size ranges, forcing you to chose something that works in their world, instead of something that works into yours. Online shopping opens the door to new products, but where do you start? It feels a little like throwing money into the wind to see what happens. 

At The Bra Lounge, we make that big weird world of lingerie a whole lot smaller and less intimidating. We take a couple quick measurements, and then we bring only the brands, styles, fabrics and colour's that work for you. We know what sizes work in which brands for which shapes - an understanding that takes years of experience to get to.

Coming into the store is best, and helps us help you quickly and easily. But, if you can't come in, here's a little breakdown on how to measure to get your approximate bra size, 

Grab a cloth measuring tape.

Wearing a bra, measure around your ribcage, under your bust. Pull it snug, but not too tight. Get that number in inches is where we would start for your band size.

Take the same measurement but this time over the fullest part of your bust. Don't overlap the tape or pull it too tight. Get that number in inches. The difference between those two numbers in inches is where we find your cup size. Generally, every inch is about a cup size. 




1) Share a description of the style of bra you’re looking for and any specifics you have; moulded cup or lace soft cup, colour, plunge, sports, strapless, non-wire, etc.

2) Take a picture wearing your best fitting bra. Just one or two is all we need, please make sure it is close enough to see the entire bra and your chest in one image. Include the size of that bra.

3) Using a cloth measuring tape, measure your ribcage circumference, directly under your bust, and provide that number in inches. Then measure the same way again, but over the fullest part of your bust. Provide that number in inches.

4) Should we require more information or further discussion, we are happy to Facetime, Skype, or Facebook Video Call with you. We prefer to schedule those appointments on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings, but will try to accommodate your needs if those times do not work. Your privacy and comfort is our main concern, so chose the option you feel most comfortable with.


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  • @Eve Andrews – Hi Eve, great question. Your band size would be the 32, and your cup would be an E or F cup, depending on the brand and style. Send us a message if you’d like more information on styles available in your size!

  • Hello, I was just wondering what the size 32 band and 38 bust would be as bra size, cause 38-32 is 6. what would be the bra size?

    Eve A

    Eve Andrews

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