2022 Preview - New Hours & Renovation News!

After a couple grueling years, we're finally feeling like we're moving into a new phase. With spring's arrival we are gearing up for our busier season Around the Lounge. And SO much is changing for us!

The first change for the year is our decision to reopen on Monday's. It was 6 years ago when we decided to shorten our work week, 11 years into the life of our business. The economy had slowed a little, we were down to 3 full time staff (Cortney, Sheena and Stephanie), and after a busy holiday season we were feeling exhausted. We closed for the first week of January to spruce up the shop and when we opened again we decided not to include Monday's. We were worried it would affect the business, however immediately we realized it was the best gift we could have given ourselves at the time. 

Now the kids are older and and after the pandemic our business is thriving. The team is twice as big and demand is there for us to be open again that one more day a week. Monday April 4th was our first day back and it was AWESOME! We had so many new customers walking in, who didn't even know we haven't been open on Mondays. It was such a surprise and we know it will be an terrific option for our customers, especially those who come from out of town.

Yesterday we revealed the next big change - we're EXPANDING!! Over the next few months we will be doubling in size as we take over the empty bay next to us and make the two spaces into one gorgeous boutique! This week walls are coming down, a bathroom will be added, and management will FINALLY have private offices where we can brainstorm and create the next 15 years of the business. 
We appreciate your patience as we navigate working day to day in the boutique through these renovations!
As always, we are humbled and overwhelmed with the support we continue to receive from Central Alberta. Thank you for coming in and sharing us with your friends and family. We cannot wait to serve you in our new space!

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