Back to School Bra Fittings

Do you have a little lady in your life that has made some changes over summer? Sometimes these changes feel like they happened overnight. We know - we're Mommin' tweens ourselves right now....

Bring her in for a free, professional 1st bra fitting. We're happy to give you some advice on her next steps. Some girls end up staying with the sporty crop they have already, and others are realize it's time for a style that looks a little more "bra"ish.

WHAT TO EXPECT: have your tween/teen wear a snug fitting t-shirt that we can measure her over. Getting a close measurement right off the top will help us pinpoint the best size sooner. We will bring different sizes styles for her to try on. Some of the struggles she may face are getting used to a snugger fitting band, or suddenly having shaped cups. Sometimes a slight pad will help to even out her shape, as during these years development rarely happens evenly between the 2 breasts, and she may find one grows faster than the other. Many girls wear heavier clothing or more layers to hide their new shape, but with a positive first bra fitting, we might be able to help her feel more confident and secure as she faces another busy year as school.

Many conventional stores don't offer bands smaller than a 32. A women's 32A is muuuch too big for a tween frame. If you're little lady looks a little more like the girl in the picture, she probably measures closer to a 26 or 28. We offer 28AA as the smallest cup and band style bra, and it is a much closer, more comfortable fit than department store styles. It'll take time for her to get used to the new feeling, but in the end it will be a better investment for you both.

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