5 Tips from Sleep Sense Consultant Amber Pushie

That first year of having a baby  is one of the most miraculous and beautiful times of our lives, there is no doubt. Yet, it is also often one of the most trying and difficult times. An issue almost everyone struggles with at some point is getting that baby, perhaps even a toddler, into a good sleep routine. We spent some time with Central Alberta Sleep Sense Consultant Amber Pushie to get her Top 5 Tips on helping your little's sleep through the night.

his was her advice. 

1) Create a dark, peaceful sleeping environment for your baby to help her relax and calm down.
2) Stick to a consistent and early bedtime. Put baby down between 7 and 8pm to avoid an overtired meltdown.
3) Set a predictable bedtime routine and follow it every night. For example, bath, pjs, feeding, story, bedtime.
4) Don't allow baby to fall asleep during the bedtime routine. Gentle pokes and playing will keep her eyes open until its time!
5) Put your baby to bed AWAKE! Babies who are allowed to fall asleep feeding or cuddling will need to be fed or cuddled when they wake through the night as well. 

These 5 steps are the foundation of the Sleep Sense program, which has already helped more than 57,000 parents like us to quickly and easily solve our children's sleep problems. I wish I had invested in this for myself; our girls were not good sleepers, and after 8 years of parenthood I feel like I'm only just getting caught up now. 

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Sheena Johnson