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If you’ve come across our website, its likely because you’ve searched for “proper fitting bras” or “bra fittings” or “I DESPISE BRA SHOPPING BUT I STILL HAVE BOOBS”… or something along that line. This tells us you are not happy with your options in conventional stores, or maybe the service you’ve received has been less than empowering. Regardless of where you are located, we would be happy to show you the Bra Lounge difference!

We offer a few different ways to get the perfect fit AND award winning customer service.

  • Shop in store – best selection and customer service!
  • Shop online via our online store – GREAT! Except its not launched yet. (coming soon!)
  • Book a Virtual Fitting!! This is a great way to get the Bra Lounge experience, even from far away! Find out more below.

Virtual Bra Fittings

Your sitch: I don’t live in Red Deer and cant find a bra boutique close to me.

During your Skype or Facetime Fitting and we’ll show you how to take your measurements, talk about what you love or don’t love, and what you need. Then we’ll show you styles that we have in stock that we recommend. Ask all the questions you want, look at all the styles you want, and we’ll help determine the best ones for you. 
*In person, customers can try numerous bras before finally getting a style they feel is perfect, and we want to remind Virtual Fit customers that the perfect fit is not guaranteed on first order. Once we are able to talk again to confirm our fitters will have a better understanding of what works for you and subsequent transactions are much easier*

Email . Please have a cloth measuring tape on hand at the time of our appointment.
Your sitch: I have already been fitted and know exactly what I’m looking for.

Check out our collection online, or send us a message with the style and size you’re looking for. If it is not available on our online store, but we do have it in stock in our boutique, we will request payment via PayPal before shipping. We can then follow up with a Skype appointment if you would like to confirm your new style is fitting as it should be.

Sheena Johnson