When to #GetFitted During Pregnancy

We are proud to offer new and veteran Mom's better fit, beautiful options, and personalized service.


Getting fitted during pregnancy can help you feel more comfortable and better prepared for the arrival of your little one. Self care is important for everyone, but during this delicate time in a woman's life, it is even more vital to her health and wellness. A great fitting  bra will alleviate pressure off your back and shoulders, and what pregnant Mom doesn't need that? It will also encompass your breast tissue entirely - for real - so you can forget you ever caught "4 boob syndrome".

Your bust size can change dramatically during pregnancy, of course your rib cage expands, not to mention weight fluctuations, nausea, loss of energy, and the many other complicated side effects make pregnancy a sometimes trying time in a woman's life. We know the beautiful gift that will come of all your efforts, however you deserve every little luxury you can get through those long months! A great fitting bra is a luxury every woman deserves

So, when should I come in?
We recommend you get fitted during pregnancy as soon as you begin to feel uncomfortable with your old bras. For some (like myself), you'll see changes as early as 5 or 6 weeks into pregnancy. Other's are fine until the very last trimester.  Whenever the time is, we'll be happy to help. 

What is involved?
We'll take a few simple measurements to determine your size, then ask you if there is anything specific you are looking for, such as colours or styles. Then we bring everything you to! We'll double check the fit of every bra to help you make an educated decision.

Why is being fitted with an experienced fitter important?
n experienced fitter can show you a great fit faster than choosing bras yourself. Our fitters are also certified through Bravado Designs, so whether they have experienced pregnancy themselves or not, they know how to fit for the many changes a women goes through. Little tips like fitting the band of the bra on the middle or tightest setting at the beginning of pregnancy, so that you can loosen it as your ribcage grows, can help you get the most wear as possible out of a single bra instead of outgrowing in just a few months. 

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Sheena Johnson